Every student will be expected to have a student and parent account on Neo Grades.

Please visit the useful links below for more information.

Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension Great web site to brush up on your reading retention.
Reading Great Schools Good recommended books to read in Third Grade!
Science This web site is fun to explore!
Social Studies Use this website to learn more about our Native American Unit
Social Studies 50 States Info Page 50 States information page Use this website to help you for your States Project!
Social Studies 50 States Blank Maps Use this link for you State Project.
Social Studies Jeopardy Labs Chapter 5 Study Guide for Social Studies.
Social Studies The Age of Exploration Copy down the questions and answers for extra credit.
More Great Web Sites for Kids Use this page as well for your States Project – You already have a printout of this page.
Homework Help Excellent source for math facts!
Homework Help Use this to reinforce Math and Grammar
Homework Help Math chapter 5 Using Inverse Operations to Solve Equations
Homework Help Integers Subtracting Integers